Credit Union Practice Finance (CUPF)

Does your Credit Union need Deposits?

NCUA new regulations present a perfect opportunity for Credit Unions to reach out to their communities and provide lending products and deposit services to the HealthCare industry.  The HealthCare industry accounts for 20% of our economy.  It is smart business to have a program that attracts the largest sector or your market with huge growth projections.


BLIC’s expertise in HealthCare equipment and lease lending finance programs, combined with our Commercial Real Estate and Member Business Lending support services for Credit Unions position us to capture the HealthCare market and effectively compete with the Banking and Finance Industry.  CUPF is designed to help the Credit Union develop, market and support the products and services that are essential to Physicians to attract Medical Professionals, their Practices and Employees.

Policy, Procedures and Guidelines

If your Credit Union has not already altered its Policy and Procedures to reflect the new NCUA Principle Based Approach, let BLIC bring the Credit Union up to speed.  At the same time, we can include anything that will be necessary for the CUPF program.

BLIC Established Product Offerings

The Guidelines and Procedures that BLIC presents will have complete underwriting guidelines and loan product parameters.  BLIC suggests that the Credit Union offer the following loan opportunities:

  • Acquisition or Buy-In
  • Practice Refinancing
  • Expansion or Relocation
  • Starting a Practice (SBA Only)
  • Commercial Real Estate Purchases
  • Equipment Loans/Lease
  • Lines of Credit/Business Credit Cards
  • Doctor’s Home Mortgages

New Business Deposit Opportunities

Providing a competitive Practice Finance should open the door for the Credit Union to attract deposits from an industry that historically moves large sums of money through its accounts by offering:

  • Comprehensive On-Line Account Management System
  • ACH Services/Merchant Services
  • Positive Pay
  • Fast Remote Deposit Capture
  • Sweep Investment Accounts
  • Lock Box Services
  • Zero Balance Accounting

Define Marketing Target Options

Building awareness in the community is the most important feature to help make your Credit Union a prominent option for the market.  Ramp up by starting with just a few of these target options:

  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Defined Specialists
  • Specialty Practices
  • Hospitals
  • Dental Practices
  • Eye Doctors
  • Veterinarians
  • Elder Care Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Medical Supply Companies
  • HealthCare Industry Associations

Getting Started

The BLIC CUPF program takes time, dedication and perseverance.  Providing attractive products with great service to the HealthCare industry will result in long lasting repeat business and growth.  This is a very loyal industry.

Leading with competitive loan products will open the door to attract deposits.  Let’s open a dialogue to learn more about the Credit Union’s long term goals and how the BLIC Credit Union Practice Finance Program can help you reach them.

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