The BreakFast Club

Get First Looks at Commercial Real Estate Loan Opportunities!

Build the Credit Union’s brand with the movers and shakers in the Commercial Real Estate industry around the Credit Union’s branch offices!

Biz Lending Breakfast Club

The BLIC BreakFast Club provides these benefits and more. Here’s how…
Most Credit Unions do not have the budget for funding a public relations program and marketing and sales endeavors to foster relationships with local associations, major commercial real estate brokerage and property firms, their associates and senior management.

That’s where the BreakFast Club Program comes in to help your Credit Union become one of the first lenders these sources think of when a buyer and property fits the BLIC “Smooth Sailing” guideline requirements.


Attract Local CRE Brokers & Associations

BLIC has already identified many of the major commercial real estate property brokers, mortgage brokers, associations and management firms in your Credit Union’s metro area. We have the names, phone numbers and email addresses of their associates and management.

Our goal is to communicate with these professionals to educate them about the types of loans and terms your CU is looking for. On a daily basis, we monitor the properties posted in the national and local listing services. Our experienced team will reach out to each broker for the properties that fit the “Smooth Sailing” guidelines to introduce The BreakFast Club.

When the broker finds a potential buyer, we contact that buyer to offer our services. In this fashion, your Credit Union will maximize its talent pool’s use of time and resources by only looking at deals with a complete package of information that makes sense for the Credit Union to review from a credit risk perspective. From there, if the Credit Union wants to pursue the deal, BLIC will turn over the communication to the CU’s relationship team or third party CUSO.


BreakFast Club Marketing Process

The process begins with BLIC joining the relevant area associations and compiling a vast data base of industry professionals in the market. We then…

  • Send Monthly HTML Emails
  • Check National and Local Listing Services Daily
  • Regular Follow Up Calling Campaigns
  • Organize BreakFast Club Forums at the CU


Join The Breakfast Club!

After six months of emails and phone calls to educate the market about our CRE Lending Partnership, we then organize and schedule a breakfast meeting at the Credit Union or local venue with the commercial real estate industry professionals in your marketing area.

This becomes a great opportunity for all to network and discuss trending CRE news, but more importantly get our message out and answer any questions.

This 90 minute meeting, every six months, with the movers and shakers in the industry really helps solidify the program and relationships.


Refinance, Acquisitions & Improvements

This part of the CRE industry is equally important as a part of the comprehensive marketing and sales plan for obtaining quality Commercial Real Estate Assets. We believe that the timing is right to begin direct marketing and sales for refinance of targeted properties under $5 million in your Credit Union’s metro area(s). These targets include:

  • Healthcare – Medical Office Buildings, Senior Care & Assisted Living Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers, Laboratories and Specialty Practices
  • Medical Equipment, General Health Care Facilities
  • Targeted Retail Centers – Retail Sales are beginning to rebound
  • NNN Single Tenant – Quality NNN tenant properties, Walgreens, McDonalds, etc.
  • Multifamily and Mixed Use properties

This approach will place us in direct communication with the people and businesses that own commercial real estate. We are in effect going head to head with the local commercial and national banks that in most cases are currently the note holders to these assets. It also places us at the forefront if any of these people are looking for new acquisitions or improvement loans.

Many property owners are looking for an established lender that can “get a good deal done”. With the partnership that we are proposing, requests can be answered with your Credit Union as the sole or a lead lender.

BLIC has access to programs that allow us to obtain basic information such as property type, square footage, owners name, phone, address, etc. Many counties provide information on the current lien holder and some counties even offer a date the lien was filed and when the roll occurs. (Not available in all areas.)

BLIC will facilitate a direct mail campaign to the owners of selected property types based on the available criteria that each county provides. We then commit to reaching out to these owners by telephone. We in effect are calling the property owners that are most likely in or soon will be in a roll position.

When an interested party is uncovered, BLIC turns that request over to our RM-Online team and the RM at the Credit Union. The BLIC RM-Online team and the Credit Union’s RM then collaborate to see if this deal makes sense. If so, the RM instructs BLIC to move forward with the document collection, preparation and loan-prescreening.

The BreakFast Club is the most cost effective method available for the Credit Union to supply its Business Services Team quality and closable CRE Acquisition loans and Refinances.

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